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Web Site Design

At JTBarton.com we are able to offer very cheap web site design and hosting, this is due to the multiple number of client we currently provide web site services for.  The services we offer as standard included:
  • 5 dedicated emails accounts + 1 catch all account (i.e.IcanSendAnEmailtoYou@yourdomainname.com)
  • 50MB email per month (this can be increased if needed).
  • 2GB download access to site per month.
  • Unlimited changes to your web site via our unique dynamic content update feature.
  • Multiple domains, e.g. MyCompanyName.co.uk, MyCompanyName.com, MyCompanyName.net, MyCompanyName.org.uk
Note: Each additional domain costs £10 on standard pricing (This also include re-direction to the main site)

We charge between £250 - £600 for a basic web site including all the above features.  All we ask is that you provide the wording and the images to be displayed.  We are more than than willing to assist with the content, and everything will be agreed with you our customer.

We look forward to working with you and proving you with the service that you deserve and expect.

Contact The design team of John T Barton