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Login Controls

Below are the standard login controls, all shown and used within a single page - not very practical but this is only a demonstration page.  There is absolutely no code associated with this page, now that is amazing, even if Microsoft say so themselves.

If this sample page interests you you may also want to have a look at the pages User management and Role management which go on to enable editing of user states and the roles that each user is assigned too.

(Note: Due to the setting of requiresQuestionAndAnswer="false" in the Web.Config file, you will not be asked to provide a secret question and answer.  The reason for this is that I want to be able to reset and change passwords from code, which is far more difficult to do when requiresQuestionAndAnswer="true")

The Login View wizard

This will show different pages based on your login status and the roles you are assigned too (roles not implement below).
To check this out, you will need to create a user, or alternatively login using the test Username : fred and Password : smith
(Note: The outside border has been created with a panel control and is not part of the LoginView control.)

The Login wizard

Shown in Auto format 'Classic' style.
Log In

The Create User wizard

Shown in Auto format 'Elegant' style.
Please feel free to test out these controls, I will not disclose or use your email address in any way. 
All accounts with inactivity of more than 2 months will automatically get deleted.

Sign Up for Your New Account

The Password Recovery wizard

Shown in Auto format 'Professional' style.
If you want to see the password recovery in action, create your own account please!
Don't request a password for 'fred' as I am using Hashed password format for this site and it therefore generates a new password that will be emailed to you given a valid email address has been associated with the account.

Forgot Your Password?
Enter your User Name to receive your password.

The Change Password wizard

Shown in Auto format 'Simple' style.
If you want to see the change password in action, create your own account please!
Don't change the password for 'fred', other users may wish to experiment.

Change Your Password