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Developer Links

Links to popular development resources and forums that may be of some use.

ASP and ASP.NET specialist sites and forums

Microsoft ASP.net 4 Guys From Rolla
ASP 101 ASP Free
411 ASP.Net Web Forumz
W3 schools ASP Advise
ASP Alliance

General Visual Studio sites and forums

Dot Net Junkies Ode To Code
Code Project Tek Tips
Egg Head Cafe DevX
DN Zone Dev Articles
15 Seconds Code Toad

Special Interests

C# Corner C# Station
C# Friends C# Help
Code Guru
ADO.net & SQL Server 
Connection Strings SQL Junkies
Data & Object Factory
Java Scripts &
Open source
Dynamic Drive Dev Shed
Microsoft System Developers Network
MSDN General Visual Studio 2005 & SQL 2005

Non Development Links

World Time Zones

London, Houston, Eugene & Istanbal

Time And Date

The current hosting sites time is : GMT Daylight Time, 19/03/2018 23:44:17