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About John T Barton

Here is a little bit of information about me, nothing special

Computer History

The other day, I was reminiscing about the computers I once used.  It all started at school where we build a zx80 from a kit, and also had a couple of Apple I's and Apple II's.

I then progressed on to purchasing my own computers, first off was an Acorn Atom and then a BBC micro computer.  It was on these machines that I leant to program in BASIC and Assembly.  

When I was able to afford a 'real computer' it was a 286 with a speed of 12Mhz with a 20MB hard disk drive, and 5 1/4" floppy drive, that was super fast back in 1987. 

It was on this computer that I learnt C from reading the bible as it was known "The C Programming Language, 2nd edition by Kernighan & Ritchie".  This book is still available (Amazon) and is definitely still worth a read.

Over the years, I've had numerous computers, my current main machine is a 2.8Ghz, with a 300GB, hard disk drive, no floppy drive, running Vista Business edition, networked via both wired and wireless access to many other slightly older computers within the house that I tend to use for compatibility testing and running the web cameras that you can access (Click here to see web cameras).  There are always improvements I'd like to make to my computers and network but for now it seems stable.

Personal History

As you can probably guess from reading the information above my first love was and is computing (apart from my wife of course).  My other passion as a youth was Judo where I achieved my 2nd Dan, but due to an arm injury I am no longer able to compete. 

I was brought up in the south east corner of England in a town call Ashford, Kent, where I spent the first 30 years of my life before moving to Queensbury, West Yorkshire where I am now employed by FabTrol Systems UK Ltd.

It was in Queensbury where I met my wife and best friend Lorraine, who is currently training to be a Mental Health Nurse.  Many would say this a great profession for anyone who spends any time with or around me.

A joint passion for both my Lorraine and myself is travel, and we were fortunate enough to be able to get married in Sri Lanka at the end of December 2000.  Living relatively close to 3 different airports who all offer cheap flights we have been able to take weekend breaks to Paris, Prague, Venice, but our first choice for an extended holiday is always Turkey where we have many friends that are kind enough to interpret our attempts at speaking their language.

Career History

I initially gain office experience and started work as a junior for Kent Paper Company where I designed and developed pre printed computer stationary. 

Having got my foot on the employment ladder I moved into my first development role creating a stock tracking and time management system written in GWBasic for Piper Products who manufacture wood products.

After a period of time I joined Nusteel Structures as the IT Systems Manager and a Software Developer Engineer and went on to develop an award winning Time Management software solution for the steel fabrication industry written in 'C' called TIMEscope.  I was with Nusteel for over 11 years, implementing numerous computer systems, ranging from CAD & estimating solutions, machine control software to full blown accounting and MRP systems, but predominately my time was spend developing, selling and supporting the Time Management software.

I now work for FabTrol Systems UK Ltd who develop a MRP fabrication control solution which is resold in the UK by a company called CSC UK Ltd.  This solution is written in a database management computer language called FoxPro from Microsoft.

The current development work is being carried out in Visual C#.Net, which I have now been using for the past few years, and I am currently extending this knowledge into developing Web Forms using ASP.net, hence the development of this web site.
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