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The hosting for this web site is provided by Dot Net Park

Dot Net Park

There is no requirement to advertise DNP as a link, or is there any other requirement to advertise DNP in any other way, but myself I personally think they deserve a mention.

Reasons for choosing Dot Net Park as your web host

The control panel interface has been developed in ASP.net by Dot Net Park and is the easiest I have ever used.

It has more features and is easier to use than HELM (if you are unfamiliar with HELM, lucky you, and really want to see the interface click here) which in my opinion is the lowest common standard adopted by most web hosting providers. 

Username block for security. The interface developed by Dot Net Park provides greater control over:
  • Mail
  • Mailing lists
  • FTP
  • MySQL
  • SQL (including being able to setting up user & group account)
    (You are also provided with web access to database management and design tools for MySQL and SQL)
The support is also second to none, I have asked a few development questions and these have been answered within 30 minutes, with follow up emails and responses in less than 15 minutes.  Now that's what I call services.

The best bit is as a web site developer you get ASP.net 2.0 functionality built into the price, presently this site is using the 'Classic' package provided by Dot Net Park at a cost of $11/month.

As a web designer using C#, this service more than fits my needs.  What more can you ask!

The information provided on this page has in no way been endorsed by Dot Net Park.
The details provided above are solely the personal views of the web site author, John T Barton.