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Welcome to the website of John Barton

For design / development and ASP.net information including free barcode fonts & specifications

Free barcode fonts and information Details

Ever wanted to know about barcodes, or more likely needed a barcode font,
well I'm providing completely FREE the two font formats most commonly used.
 Click to download Code 39 Font for free Code 39 Very easy to use font, does not require a checksum.

 Click to download Code 128 Font for free Code 128 The most common font found in everyday use.
This font does require a checksum.
Checksums are a way to ensure that the barcodes are accurately read by scanners, and as no TrueType font can automatically generate this checksum, I've written a freeware .Net assembly with will provide this functionality for both code 39 and code 128 fonts.
Click here for the free string generator which includes checksum calculations.

Live web cameras in Queensbury, Bradford, West Yorkshire Details

I've set up some web cameras in Queensbury (where I live), Bradford, West Yorkshire.
Click on the image below to see live update of the following web cameras.
All Cameras   All Cameras
All Cameras
All camera
Sandbeds (A647)
Sandbeds (A647)
(Cottage News)
Station Road
Note: The cameras update every 15 seconds or live if you become a site member.
After a long absence, and by popular demand the cameras are finally back on line!

Web site Design Details

We am currently designing web sites for multiple customers, some of who are allowing us to advertise their sites here, but this is not by any means a comprehensive list of all the sites we have developed:-

For information about very cheap web hosting, design and email just click here!

These sites allow the customer to update the images and the text shown on their sites for either single or multiple pages:-

For further details about very cheap web site design and hosting including unlimited catch all email accounts, with multiple address forwarding, please contact John T Barton for prices that start from just £250 a year.

SQL development playground Details

Over the years as I've been developing this and other web sites I've needed to find information on a number of subject.  When I found this information, I've often written white paper to refer too (mainly for myself), but others I am sure will find the information useful.
These pages and whitepaper currently include:

ASP.Net login features, user and role management
Display Whitepaper

Dynamically updating images
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Interrogating a SQL server databases schema, tables and columns
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